At St Keverne School, we are committed to providing a primary history curriculum that is underpinned by our three curriculum drivers: aspiration, curiosity, and diversity.Our history curriculum aims to capture, celebrate and share the stories of our ancestors and significant people and places within our corner of Cornwall, as well as events further afield.  


“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” Theodore Roosevelt  


At St Keverne School, we believe that history is a fundamental part of understanding the diverse world around us and our place in it. It is through the study of our history curriculum that our students gain valuable insights into the past, which in turn helps them make sense of the present and navigate the challenges of the future. We inspire our students to become historians of their: own lives; their family’s; their locality’s; to explore the rich tapestry of human experiences, and to be curious and learn from the lessons of the past. 

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