Mr T Mitchell

Class Teacher

Mrs D Belfield

Teaching Assistant

Miss K Dilworth

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Hooper

Teaching Assistant

Leggan Class comprises children in Years 5 and 6.  
We love our classroom and are very proud of the work we do in it.
In Leggan class the children join ‘teams’. We have 5 teams that the children can become part, all with roles and responsibilities around the school. Members of each team have to demonstrate qualities such as the use of initiative; being a good role model to their peers and being able to share their ideas with others. Pupils must also be trustworthy, honest, well-mannered and patient, all important skills to have when they move on to the next stages of their education and career.
Since the start of the academic year, we have been busy inside and outside of the classroom.  We have explored space and our solar system in science culminating in a planetarium visit.  We have extended our knowledge in tectonics and the hazards they may create in geography.  Most recently, we have been swimming at Helston Leisure Centre which has been fantastic for learning and honing this valuable life skill.

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